Roland Digital Desks, Personal Mixers & REAC Solutions

Roland M-480


With superb sound quality, powerful functions, expandability and intuitive operation; the V-Mixing System continues to introduce new possibilities to the live mixing market. Now after its 2007 debut and as a direct response to actively listening to our users, the next generation V-Mixer has arrived. Equipped with a newly developed mixing engine, the M-480 provides an enhanced level of powerful and flexible audio processing.

  • 48 mixing channels plus 6 stereo returns for a total of 60 channels
  • Main (LCR) outputs, 16 AUX buses, 8 matrices
  • Configurable to 90 inputs and 90 outputs depending on Digital Snake configuration
  • 4-band advanced parametric EQ, and delays on all inputs and outputs
    Compressors and Gates on all mixing channels
  • Six built-in stereo (dual-mono) multi-effects and twelve graphic EQs (switchable to 8-band PEQs)
  • 214 possible output patch points on each port (A,B, console). Allows direct routing from preamp to output point without having to use mix channel.
  • Supports integration with Personal Mixing System and Multi-Channel Live Recording/Playback
  • Cascade connection supports large format applications for 96 mixing channels

Roland M-300

Roland M-300


The M-300 V-Mixer is a 32-channel console that possesses many of the powerful features and extensive benefits of the award-winning M-400 and M-380 V-Mixers – but in a very compact format. The M-300 provides another console choice in the growing V-Mixing System that also consists of Digital Snakes, Personal Mixing and Multi-Channel Recording. Its size and affordability allows smaller to mid-sized venues to replace their analog consoles with a digital mixing solution. The M-300 is ideal for any event production, houses of worship, schools, government and corporate applications.


Roland M-200i

Roland M-200i, Roland M200i Hire


24 local inputs and 12 outputs with 8 DCA’s
The M-200i being part of the V-Mixer family means it has award-winning sound quality, operation and expandability – all condensed into a compact body. It is a V-Mixer with 24 analogue inputs, 12 analogue outputs and stereo digital output (AES/EBU) all built-in to the main unit. It’s ready to perform, out of the box.

  • 32-channel digital mixer (controllable with or without iPad)
  • 17 motorised faders, dedicated buttons and knobs for key functions
  • 24 on-board inputs and 14 outputs – expandable up to 64 x 54
  • Fully featured, comprehensive iPad control for all major functions
  • Wireless and wired iPad control (two at same time)
  • Easily expandable to include personal mixing and multi-channel playback/record
  • Multi-channel recording up to 40 channels

Roland M48 Personal Mixers


The M-48 is the next generation live personal mixer that offers musicians the flexibly to control exactly what they want to listen to during their performances. It provides the highest level of sound monitoring quality for both headphones and IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) as well as for wedge and powered monitors. The superb sound quality creates the ideal monitoring environment for live performance and recording as well as studio applications.

  • Choose from 40 audio sources and assign to 16 stereo groups
  • Sweeten your mix using built-in reverb, limiter, EQ, pan, and volume
  • Control, save, recall users settings from V-Mixer or PC with control software
  • Multitude of input and output connections along with ambient microphone
  • REAC embedded power provides clean flexible stage setup

* The S-4000D is required to use with the M-48.

Roland S-4000D


“REAC Embedded Power” is unique Roland technology that enables the transfer of not only the digital audio signal but also the power required by the connected device – all via one CAT5e cable.The S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor is equipped with 10 REAC ports including 8 ports of REAC Embedded Power. The S-4000D can automatically detect and distinguish a product not supporting REAC Embedded Power. In this case, power is not provided allowing the S-4000D to also function as a standard splitter when required.

* The S-4000D is required to use with the M-48.

Roland S-MADI


The S-MADI REAC Bridge is a bi-directional signal converter between REAC and MADI. This bridge enables connectivity between MADI-equipped digital audio mixers/systems to any REAC-based devices such as the popular M-48 Personal Mixing System, Digital Snakes, V-Mixer Consoles, and Multi-channel Live Recording.

  • Bi-directional format conversion between REAC and MADI
  • BNC and Optical MADI ports
  • Supports REAC Embedded Power and Split out for connecting and power additional devices (e.g., M-48 Personal Mixer, S-0808)
  • Support for 44.1/48kHz with WORD, MADI or REAC clocks
  • Preamp and personal mixing control with S-4000RCS (Remote Control Software)

Roland R-1000 Multi-Track Recorder

Ideally Suited for Many Configurations and Applications

The R-1000 is an intuitive stand alone, dedicated recorder/player designed to work with the V-Mixing System in any live event or production. You can also connect and use the R-1000 with any digital console that has MADI output capabilities by using the Roland S-MADI REAC MADI Bridge.

Records in Standard Broadcast WAV Format
• Records up to 48 tracks of 24-bit audio in BWF format
• Removable Hard disk drive ensures smooth integration with DAWs
• Approximately 20 hours recording (44.1/48 kHz) using 250GB SSD Drive
• Stable and reliable capturing live audio
Multi-track Playback for a Variety of Applications
• Plays up to 48 tracks of 24-bit audio via REAC
• Data can be loaded from external devices
• Marker function enables playback at any designated point
• Analogue monitor output and a headphone output
Flexible Enough to Fit into any Configuration
• Connect with any V-Mixer and control directly from the console
• Connect with any REAC Digital Snake product
• Versatile feature set including video sync, time-code, GPI and RS-232C
• USB ports for backing up data and connecting PC for further software control
• Use with any MADI equipped console in combination with optional S-MADI
Ideal for Virtual Sound Checks, Rehearsals, Playback and Training
• Connect the R-1000 inline between V-Mixer and Digital Snake for selectable playback or record
• Channels can be set to “pass thru” live from the digital snake inputs, record live input or playback from recorder
• Run a complete sound check to tune the room in a new venue with no need for musicians to come early
• Select the musicians (channels) missing from a rehearsal and continue anyway
• Select all or group of channels for selective audio engineering training

Roland S-4000SP REAC Splitter

Roland S-4000SPThe S-4000-SP is a rugged, dedicated digital audio splitter designed for use with the V-Mixing System and Digital Snakes. The unit provides the highest security of audio transmission with back-up REAC ports and heavy-duty Neutrik® Ehtercon® connectors. Using the S-4000-SP REAC inputs can be split into four fully redundant lossless splits for feeds to monitor consoles, recording systems, broadcast trucks or anywhere an input split is required.

  • Dual 5 port REAC splitter
  • Two separate power supplies as part of S-4000 redundancy design
  • Rugged Neutrik, Ethercon connectors
  • Rack mountable (1 Rack U)

Roland S-4000M Merge Unit

Roland S-4000M
Roland Merge Unit S-4000M

The S-4000M REAC Merge Unit allows up to four Digital Snake heads to be merged into a REAC stream where the master device recognizes it as single REAC slave unit.  This important technology enables distribution of multiple input/output units around a location, venue or stage for flexible point-to-point digital snake or V-Mixing System configurations.