Social Media Video Production

As the live entertainment industry has dwindled away with the onset of Covid19, we at dpaudio have been using our time to make social media video adverts for people.


Obviously we can’t go out and shoot the footage in the current situation. So we are trying a different approach that keeps the client actively involved.

Giving our clients full instruction with a storyboard on what to shoot, and how to do it on their phones. Then we compile the footage, write the script, record the voice-over, sort out the music and edit it all together into a quality video for your social media platform.

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Our top quality voice-over artists have been in the industry for many years, and can give the sound and feel to the advert that you’re looking for.

All the action is directed and written by Matthew Ashforde a credited actor and director.

Matthew Ashforde
Director / Actor / Voice-over Artist

Our fully digital recording system for editing and recording of voice-overs, using Roland M-300 desk and Roland S-1608 digital snake running at 24bit 96k to our vocal booth, giving us clean noiseless audio recordings every time.

dpaudio Studio 2020
Studio with Roland Digital Desk


If you’re interested, drop us a line in the contact box below and we can have a chat about your project.




Here’s a recent commercial we produced for Corrigan Water

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